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      THE STORY behind Laila Goddess

      This clothing line was created by Laila Ghattas to help you FEEL GOOD about yourself.

       This photo is the very first hand printed fabric Laila designed, made into the very first Kimono. Photo taken in March 2014.

      Laila is a Happiness Specialist, Gestalt therapist, artist, Reiki practitioner, writer and group facilitator. She has dedicated her life vocation to healing in all its wonderful forms.

      Feel Good Silks started out as a solution to her trouble in finding comfortable, beautiful silk pyjamas.

      Each winter Laila travels to Bali to offer Holistic healing and have her clothes custom made.

      The first silk pyjama set Laila had made was initiated at a night club in Hong Kong. That's when the versatility of this garment became obvious.

      Laila realized her idea for comfort could be worn privately indoors and all dressed up out on the town.

      Being a very practical kind of girl, Laila loved that her investment could be enjoyed ANYWHERE!

      Here's the real reason this company was born.

      When people FEEL GOOD while hanging out alone or in public, in bed or at a party, if the fabric and artistry and Balinese magic transform how the person feels, lifts the spirit, then the reasoning is that higher self esteem must follow.

      That's what happened to Laila as she wore her set of Feel Good Silks.

      The collection expanded to include super soft and versatile rayon lycra blend jersey fabric with gorgeous drape as well as other fabulous fabrics.

      Read the testimonials! It works!

      Creating a personal growth product that nurtured self esteem was the creative solution to frumpy wardrobe blues.