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Be The First on the Planet

"I've heard it a hundred times a day" the shopify tech told me on the phone when I asked. But I still wasn't reassured. I'm new at all of this shopify web building and it's the very first shopping cart I've created. I wanted to be reassured it was working correctly. He said it was. I didn't know how to believe him even though I really wanted to. There was nothing more to do but wait and see. Then low and behold, as I was turning off my computer shortly after posting the website live, I noticed a lovely email waiting to be opened. I was being notified of my very first online order!! It worked! No fuss, no muss,...

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First Post

I saw this rice farmer planting seedlings in January when I arrived in Bali and felt that was the perfect metaphor for Laila Goddess Feel Good Silks!           Well, it's been exactly a year since my wonderful Business Coach Lee Milteer strongly urged me to start my own clothing line. It took me a while to make the idea meaningful to me. I figured since I had all my clothes custom made in Bali each winter when I worked there, and the result was I felt really good while wearing them, not frumpy as was the usual, and I could feel my self esteem rise, then perhaps that can happen for others too. That's what I...

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