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      For most of her 40's and early 50's, Canadian artist, Laila Ghattas experimented with custom tailored clothes made in styles and fabrics that evolved with her changing body.
      Without intention Laila transformed her awkward self-image into an elegant comfortable style, and her midlife frumpy blues left the building.

      Laila approved of her own reflection in the mirror.

      While observing the alarming epidemic of body image issues in other middle aged women, and after a business coach saw her clothes and told her she was on to something, Happiness Specialist, Laila Ghattas, responded by launching her esteem nurturing label in 2014: Laila Goddess.

      Laila expanded her healing practice to include designing and creating clothing collections that consistently support women suffering from common daily difficulties- I feel dumpy and unattractive...What should I wear? How do I look? 

      Laila realized she could help women transform their relationship with the mirror.

      This venture is about SO MUCH MORE than fashion.

      Laila Goddess is about self-acceptance and self-confidence. It is about feeling fine, being comfortable, not fussing and fidgeting and no longer dreading the mirror's reflection.

      Laila Goddess encourages loving your self. AS IS.

      Laila committed to servicing a neglected market with flowing, generously cut, flattering styles in essential wardrobe pieces that make a difference to how you feel in your clothes and how you respond to any reflection that catches your eye.

      Canadian artist, Laila Ghattas, designs her original fabrics in her Toronto studio.

      Utilizing her formal Fine Arts-Visual Arts University education, along with years of successful solo painting exhibitions, Laila uses her own photos, words and other media as inspiration for her ever evolving limited edition signature fabrics.

      Laila chooses the colours and the optional colour combinations as one motif expands into a collection; Signature fabric design are created in multiple colour pallets. Below are 4 of 6 variations of the Spiral collection.

      Referencing her understanding of material drape, Laila also decides what kind of fabrics her original designs will be printed on. Easy care breathable rayon crepe, crinkle and woven, and high end luxurious rayon/lycra blends are most prevalent in the collections.

      Utilizing her therapy background as a professional observer and listener, Laila implements the information and feedback women express as they try on clothing or comment on their unsatisfactory wardrobes. She remembers their wishes and what they have trouble finding.

      All this inspires Laila's clothing design and more importantly, the fit and feel of the garments she creates.


      Fit is a challenge for women who are in or post menopause. Our bodies change. Going up a size doesn't solve the fit. The fit needs to adapt to the specific concerns of mature women.


      Women are so appreciative of her intense investment of the time, talent and resources involved in providing this solution-driven, uniquely creative venture.

      After designing the fabrics, colours and pallet options, and designing the original clothing styles in Canada, with consideration to the sizing, and the way the fabrics work together in all the garments that make up the collection, after all the creative input is in place, Laila then collaborates with her small team towards the practical production of her vision.

      Drawing on her 20 years working in the graphic arts and printing industry, Laila supervises her team for the silk screened ink proofs of the first colour pallet options. Once finalized, the small team follows her specification and hand prints the new fabrics, one meter and one colour at a time.


      Laila relies on her life long sewing skills and experience to develop the first pattern and sample making of the new garment styles based on her drafts and designs.

      The details are countless when offering 4 sizes in multiple styles that need to coordinate together for a versatile ensemble that you can confidently wear to work, wine bar and world travel.

      Once final samples meet Laila's exacting standards, the collection is sewn by a small team of sewers following her comprehensive instructions, with thoughtful finishing that set this clothing label apart.

      Below demonstrates the versatility and connection between original fabric collections: Top row Phoebe Noir fabric morphs into middle row Aurora Pearl , bottom row mix and match with Solid Noir.

      The fusion of beloved images, divinely inspired words, elegant fabric and garment design culminating in flattering functionality eclipses Laila’s previous dreams for a vocation based on creative and spiritual self-expression.

      Honestly, though, it's the stream of responses from the women wearing her clothes, who return time and again for more, delighting as they look in the mirror, enjoying gorgeous comfort, actually feeling beautiful again, changing their self-perception into something healthy and happy, that's what fuels Laila's passion for this very personal creative venture. 

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