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      "I own some of these and they are fantastic I highly recommend them to anybody who wants luxurious gorgeous feeling garments" Lee Milteer USA

      "I adore Laila Goddess Comfortwear! Everything slips on like a second skin, feeling so natural. My silk kimono is so incredibly beautiful, and I always get compliments on it. The yoga pants and baby doll comfortwear are my default go-to pieces for lounging around. All the pieces are thoughtful, practical and stylish." ACR, Canada

      "Love my yoga pants especially that the waistband is high and comfortable." L. Racine, Canada

      "I adore Laila Goddess ComfortWear! I have several peices which I wear all the time. I always feel beautiful. The BEST part?! I feel like I am in my pj's!! Treat yourself today I promise you you will NOT regret it." C. Adams, Canada

      "Laila helps women honour our figures and designs clothes to make us shine. Total comfort and easy care keeps my outfits front of closet and my go to for all occasions. Thanks Laila for making me feel so special and beautiful." P. Saya, Canada

       "Love my Laila Goddess Comfortwear! Vibrant colours, comfort and style. Thank you Laila." J. Hewlett, Canada

      "I'd wear these Feel Good Silks all day long, every day!" E. F. USA

       "Love these clothes! They flatter every shape and size and are so comfortable." V. Vopni, Canada


      "I am enjoying my purple dream dress to no end!" A. L, Aruba


      "My silks have arrived and they are GORGEOUS!!!! They feel like heaven! i love them." J. Thompson, Canada


      "Physically, the feel good silks felt like a comforting whisper as they flowed over my skin. Each step I took felt like I was strutting the runway of my future life because the material, the vibrant colors and patterns are what I'd always imagined I would love to wear but was afraid to in my former life. But this is my time to shine, my time to strut my feel good silks.

      While lounging, they draped me in comfort, never letting me feel to warm or cool. They are calming and soothing and energizing at the same time. I think they are magic.

      Dare I say, they're almost better than being naked." P. Hayes USA


      "I was thrilled when Laila invited me to try on one of her gorgeous silk creations. Secondly, she had wisely given me the red - one of my favourite colours, so I was already sold. Wearing it brought out more of my feminine side. Soft, beautiful, elegant, luxurious are some of the words that come to mind when describing Laila Goddess FEEL GOOD Silks. I can't wait to see the full range!" O. Amoh, United Kingdom


      "Hi Laila, I just wanted to tell you how amazing your silk pyjamas are. They are so versatile and easy to pack while travelling. At a recent event I attended the rooms were so cold and I wasn't prepared. So I pulled out the pyjamas jacket and popped it over a black top, tied a belt around my waste and bingo! I was warmer and looked and felt amazing. So many people commented. I will definitely be getting another set in a new colour. Delish delish delish!!!! Ps.and I love to sleep and lounge in them also. Thank you x" T. Templeman, Australia

      "If I were wearing my silks, I'd be impervious to the cares of this earthly world ;-) " P. Hayes USA