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I saw this rice farmer planting seedlings in January when I arrived in Bali and felt that was the perfect metaphor for Laila Goddess Feel Good Silks!






Well, it's been exactly a year since my wonderful Business Coach Lee Milteer strongly urged me to start my own clothing line.

It took me a while to make the idea meaningful to me.

I figured since I had all my clothes custom made in Bali each winter when I worked there, and the result was I felt really good while wearing them, not frumpy as was the usual, and I could feel my self esteem rise, then perhaps that can happen for others too. That's what I mean by making it meaningful. It couldn't only be about generating income to be worth the mammoth effort and resources to get it started.

The Feel Good Silk idea came to me so that the product would stand out in the market place. It's not easy to find really beautiful silk pyjamas, and nearly impossible to find ones that are versatile enough to you can wear outside the house and make your investment really work for you.

I returned from Bali on March 22, 2014 with my first samples after a serioius roller coaster ride spanning 2 months of unexpectedly having to design fabric (that's a future blog post), have it hand printed one meter and one colour at a time, figure out sizes, patterns and create all the branding at the same time.

I came home to the task of creating this website after photographing my samples in my living room. Really looking forward to getting animated pictures of people enjoying these Feel Good Silks!

I heard about online storefronts and am so grateful that Shopify had everything in place for me to give you here the basic collection in a fairly presentable fashion and with a working shopping cart. I created this site in a week, which is miraculous to me.

You'll be seeing changes as I continue to tinker.

These clothes are infused with my sincere intention that all who wear them feel so good they feel better about themselves. They are literally blessed before you get them in the mail.

Hope you enjoy my creation!!

Thanks for reading my very first blog entry!.

Laila Ghattas

Creator of Laila Goddess Feel Good Silks


In Bali the morning I was flying out wearing the very first sample that had been delivered the night before. You can see how much the rice has grown!

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