Be The First on the Planet

"I've heard it a hundred times a day" the shopify tech told me on the phone when I asked.

But I still wasn't reassured. I'm new at all of this shopify web building and it's the very first shopping cart I've created. I wanted to be reassured it was working correctly. He said it was. I didn't know how to believe him even though I really wanted to. There was nothing more to do but wait and see.

Then low and behold, as I was turning off my computer shortly after posting the website live, I noticed a lovely email waiting to be opened. I was being notified of my very first online order!! It worked! No fuss, no muss, these people know what they're doing and this first order by Paypal went perfectly. What a relief. As a newbie I'm not alone in the anxiety of unknowns in this big wide tech world. At least I completely trust their security for sensitive information while processing the payments.

So we're off. And this week, all orders that come in get to be the FIRST ON THE PLANET to be produced and worn this summer. May 16 is the deadline for placing an order that we can guarantee will be in the first shipment expected to arrive from Bali mid June.

This shipment will have more samples including our brand new solid colours in Kimono's, pants, shorts, dresses and brand new patterns for tunics and tanks and shawls.

The creativity flowing through me is fast and furious and I am only frustrated by the fact I can't just drive to Bali and start experimenting with new fabric designs, colour combinations and patterns. It'll have to wait till my next trip to the other side of the world either later this year or next January.

So if you want to be first on the planet to wear a Feel Good SIlk on our exclusive fabric designs, join us please!!

Thanks for reading!

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