Wisely Chosen Travel Companions

Wisely Chosen Travel Companions

The biggest surprise in my life is that in my mid 50's I'd be undertaking a new creative venture that beckons me way past my comfort zones and yet into such deeply satisfying self-expression.

My first decade of traveling to Bali to facilitate annual self-discovery retreats and linger there to deepen my spiritual connection and bond with the Balinese people was at the same time preparing me for this recent vocational shift.

As my body changed in my 40's, I had my clothes custom made there to help me lose my frumpy midlife blues. Each year different styles and fabrics morphed into a truly satisfying reflection in the mirror. 

As a Happiness Specialist & Gestalt therapist assisting  personal growth seekers, it occurred to me that my personal experience was universal: being happy with your reflection goes deeply towards building a positive self-image. We're just made that way. 

It was suggested I start my own clothing label because through my custom designed wardrobe I'd found the solution to gorgeous comfort for mature women who are overlooked in the fashion industry. It seemed to be a natural extension of my healing commitment. 

What I didn't realize at the time is that these everyday wardrobe pieces were perfect for travel. 

My EveryWear pants are the most comfortable to wear on the plane and around town. The non-fading non-pilling easy care fabric breathes and falls in flattering generous luxury.

I never wonder anymore what to pack because these basics are versatile enough to be casual or dressy.

Women come for private consultations before trips and leave my showroom with such relief and confidence. We've also done this by phone and Facetime!

Who knew?

So my Bali Retreats now hold a new dimension because my signature fabrics and styles are inspired and produced in Bali.

As a result of what I hear in the change rooms, I'm now determined to neutralize negative inner dialogue that's a chronic problem in women of all shapes, size and age.

The deeply satisfying piece of this unfolding is I get to help women find kinder words, hush the inner critic, and move ever so gently towards really seeing their undeniable  beauty. Achieved through my clothing collections, speaking engagements and the annual retreat.

Bali is the most perfect environment on so many levels for this transformation. 

Please consider joining my March 1-4, 2018 Heaven On Earth Retreat. 

The unstoppable Debbie Lloyd of TodaysWomanTraveller.com will take care of all the travel and hotel logistics.

I'll help you begin the journey to a kinder more loving relationship with your self in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

You can shop here beforehand and get ready for your trip!

Happy 2018!

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