Purging the stuff in your life that doesn't feel good or no longer serves you is very much on trend.

It takes a lot of time and reflection, a bit of courage too- letting go and making room for the new.

A truly inspired way to start the new year.

Patricia sent me a note on New Year's Day:

She had unexpectedly come into my trade show booth a few years ago and in a leap of faith purchased three staple LG pieces including black Everywear pants, matching Flare Jacket and a coordinating printed sleeveless Baby Doll top.

Compliments became the new norm as she wore them.

So she decided to purge her closet and build a brand new wardrobe around the latest Laila Goddess collection and her initial 3 piece ensemble.

As a self-employed designer, this note was a very sweet way to enter 2020.

She drove in from Niagara to Toronto and we spent a focused and fun time gathering colours, fabric motifs and styles she liked.

With humour and curiosity Patricia systematically began trying on the coordinating ensemble options. 

She commented with each top she put on, "This would have been perfect to have had on my trip to Mexico... I just didn't have the right clothes with me."

But here's the real point of this blog, aside from the delightful fashion adventure we shared and her excitement for the outfits she'll have for her new upcoming journey.

When she put the clothing she arrived in back on, she looked so different.

I commented and asked how she felt.

She could FEEL THE DIFFERENCE in the energy of her old clothes, they certainly didn't inspire the positive way she felt the last couple of hours.

She articulated exactly what that difference was. 

"Wearing Laila Goddess makes me feel like I don't need to apologize for myself, for who I am, or how I look compared to others."

"My old clothes I just put on changed that, and now I do feel like I need to apologize, need to better myself."

"I feel frumpy again" she concluded.

Words so culturally universal to our demographic, perhaps you can relate.

I sure could. It's exactly what inspired me to create a clothing label.

There you have it, Ladies.

How you feel matters.

Do what feels good.

Wear what you feel validated in.

Invest in the reflection YOU APPROVE OF.

(The A-Line Winter Tunic  is a cozy elegant solution to replace her frumpy blues sweater - below Patricia's total makeover wardrobe.)

It's a new year.

Out with the old.

Release the outmoded clutter that impairs your view of who you really are.


Everything you have to lose in the process is good for you.

There's no time like NOW to show unwelcome 'frumpy' out the door.

You are beautiful.



 Written by Laila Ghattas 


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