What a time this is. Who knew?

I sincerely hope you are all managing well and that you, your loved ones and coworkers are healthy and comfortable as we all hunker down to move through and out of these unprecedented challenges.

Thank you to all of you on the front lines keeping everything going. THANK YOU!

When I left for Bali in January, as I enjoyed the best trip I’ve ever had on the island, and as I enthusiastically designed and invested in the 2020 collection, I didn’t imagine that my scheduled flight home would be followed days later by our Prime Minister asking citizens to return to Canada.

I didn’t foresee a 14 day self-isolation period upon my return. Fortunately I’m healthy.

I certainly didn’t imagine in January when I departed that all the early Spring shows would be cancelled upon my return.

The upside is I have extra time and space without any pressure to get ready for a huge trade show, to get over the jet lag, to catch up on 2 months absence, to quietly BE without rushing, to reach out to friends, arrange for grocery shopping, to cook, to bake! and again to just BE and it is simply delicious. In and of itself, it's delicious.

Frankly I’ve never been more aware of the pressure I live with doing so many shows...it keeps creeping up out of habit and I remind myself, No, it's OK, nothing really happening right now, there's time...and I reflect on my To Do list with a new frame of mind. EASE.

However I need and very much want to keep Laila Goddess
a viable thriving solution for your continued comfort and joy.
I LOVE this venture with all my heart.
I ADORE how YOU feel about yourself when wearing my creations.
LAILA GODDESS has transformed me and you.
I'm in this for the long haul.

Without the big shows like Cottage Life, which would be happening this weekend, and my annual Spring OPEN HOUSE which I rely on to see you :) and jump start the season with sales to cover my investments in recent production, I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

These times call for it.

So without a whole lot of preamble about Bali adventures which I'll share another time- let me announce: 


on now 
No minimum purchase is necessary

25% savings will be applied to your cart at check out


The FOUR METRE SEGMENTS in gorgeous hand-printed luxury fabrics currently on sale for $119 per 4 metre segment are discounted further by 25% at check out. Colours are limited so hurry if you want to sew with these limited edition prints.

I’ll be going to the post office once a week, starting Saturday March 28, so please place your orders by Friday if you’re ready. The sale will be on into April, while quantities last...

Please note, updating inventory takes time so PLEASE check back daily if what you want isn’t showing in your size or colour.  Or email me to ask.

Can I ask you please
SHARE this sale with all your friends.
Thank you!
Let me leave you with this thought:
I know in my heart without any doubt
all will be well and
we will be BETTER for this, on so many levels. 

We are so strong.
Our hearts are big beautiful open vessels to love with.
Enjoy all the love out there.
It is flowing all around.

Let in the love
It will soothe you through this.

Thanks very much!

Looking forward to when I can see you again.


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