Exactly a year ago I was participating in a health/wellness show and my neighbour who was selling baby related products had been listening to me tell passersby about the comfort and fit of Laila Goddess Everywear pants.

She said my pants- with their stretchy high waistband and soft buttery feel would be ideal for post birth bellies. Totally outside my realm of experience. 

I tucked away this brand new idea.

Shortly afterwards, I was out of town at a tiny event with almost no visitors or sales, and wondered what was I doing there…. Then discovered that the organizer had just given birth the week before, had a post birth belly, and was willing to try on my pants so I could test the new idea!

She loved them so much! Said she could see them fitting up to 6 months pregnancy as well- again something I didn’t know.

She hated putting her maternity pants back on, missing the buttery soft comfort of my Laila Goddess pants.

Being a new mom with lots of extra expenses, the pants were not in her budget. This would be a common situation.

So what to do? Don't ask a new mom to buy them.

Encourage those supporting new moms to GIFT the pants.


So she can feel like she’s back in the world as herself, feel attractive, comfortable, and transition naturally in her clothes as her body continues to change.

At the same time all this was happening, a client who had been on a weight loss program informed me she was able to continue wearing her Laila Goddess Everywear pants for up to 30lbs of weight loss.

The high quality of the rayon lycra fabric adjusted perfectly to her changing body. This was real evidence to support the size versatility of the pants.

I’d also been approached by women who had undergone abdominal surgery. They had nothing to wear to work that would allow them to be careful with their tender belly incisions for the weeks of recovery.

Everywear pant  high soft waistband was the solution they’d been looking for. Who knew?!

It’s a novel niche idea, to discover these versatile pants are both Post Birth and Post Op Belly solutions.

I’m approaching hospital gift shops to start carrying Everywear pants. Wouldn’t they be a wonderful inclusion in a Get Well Soon bouquet!

Here is the Beautiful Surprise in this story, because at this moment I’m in awe at the exquisite unfolding, the organic slow paced DIVINE unfolding of the next natural steps for the idea to launch.

The post birth belly market is a simple straight forward online solution: A few basic black pieces- pants, top, jacket- to offer online to a target segment of population.

It doesn’t require me to be present and put an ensemble together as I normally do (with great pleasure I might add), when participating at trade shows and Open House events.

This ensemble solution is the ideal no fuss no muss online purchase that doesn’t need my fashion input :) 


In the fall I was contacted by a National TV show and invited to participate in their upcoming Christmas Gift Guide and Giveaway episode!

They’d seen Laila Goddess listed as exhibitor at a large trade show and reached out. Their demographic is 25-60, young mothers and grandmothers.

Women 45-75 are my main clientele. This opportunity was a way to expose my Everywear pants to the new moms in the TV audience and brand the pants as the PERFECT SHOWER GIFT from girlfriends and grandmothers eager to help their friend/daughters recuperate and feel good again.

The show has taped. The audience got an amazing promotion. The show airs across Canada, the US and Caribbean in December 2018.

The show producer was so impressed with my stories and client feedback about the pants she decided to develop a longer follow up fashion feature to air in spring- details I’ll tell you about later…

So the little nudge from the Universe via one trade show experience to another, specific feedback from one client then another, incubating the idea and demonstrating how viable it is through all this crossing of paths- attracted an incredible opportunity for national exposure a full circle year later.

What was required of me was to listen, stay open and flow with it.

I want this so much because I believe being comfortable while looking great is GOOD FOR YOU. Plain and simple.

I believe if each one of us loved ourselves a little more each day then individual lives would improve.

We’d treat each other better, and the rest would follow as the world also got better.

Your relationship to your reflection in the mirror is my starting place because I’ve heard you say awful things about yourself  enough to know it needs addressing.

Through my label I’m inspiring you to love your reflection by creating clothing you don’t have to fuss with, that drapes lovingly over all your curves, in luxury fabric prints I’ve designed myself that LOVE YOU RIGHT BACK with my highest intention.

“You may say I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one…”

So here’s to the stepping stones, bridges, extraordinary happenstances, and the exact right timing of how things and events unfold for the highest good.

The Mark & Mandy Show is featuring Everywear pants this December. It airs on Saturdays on CityTV at noon EST. Check out their website for Laila Goddess monthly contests and other goodies!

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  • Laura Rosenquist

    Wonderful blog as always. You’re an inspiration that any situation can provide benefits, even if they aren’t so obvious at the time.

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